Counting Stars

This last August I prepared an outline for a 9 month study through the book of Revelation for my high school youth group. I got all 22 chapters of Revelation sectioned into 29 studies. I searched the internet for pop culture titles that seemed to fit each the topic for each section. I gave Rev. 6:1-17 the title, Dark Horse.. as it fits. This week is Revelation 3:1-6.. a letter to the church of Sardis. I entitled this section ‘Counting Stars’... as I noticed the reference in this section about “the seven stars” in Rev. 3:1 and wanted to focus on Jesus… I googled a few things and the ‘Counting Stars’ song came up from OneRepublic. Didn’t know it was that song.. the one I heard on the radio so many times. Briefly read the lyrics and thought it could be a good connection.

Now here I am digging into it… I read about the church of Sardis from David Guzik on and he quotes William Barclay… “It is of interest to note that the first coinage ever to be minted in Asia Minor was minted in Sardis in the days of Croesus. These roughly formed electrum staters were the beginning of money in the modern sense of the term. Sardis was the place where modern money was born.”  The song obviously has a tone of contrasts.. and themes of spiritual matters and dang.. I’ve heard this song.. but didn’t know how cool it was.

As I was reading it.. these were my thoughts and interpretation…

Lately, I’ve been, I’ve been losing sleep
Dreaming about the things that we could be

Feeling unsatisfied with the humdrum of life.. looking for more significance and meaning than what he was told

But baby, I’ve been, I’ve been praying hard,
Said, no more counting dollars
We’ll be counting stars, yeah we’ll be counting stars

“Praying hard”.. is seeking God in conversation and wrestling with issues. “Said”, seems to imply the response as in “He said”.. the answer in prayer… like the Lord was telling Tedders “don’t focus on the money, making money.. you’ve got a more important role coming up in the future”. The Bible talks about Jesus’ followers having responsibility and a role of importance after this life..  ruling and reigning with Him in His Kingdom. Their identity..  as they live on earth, doesn’t have to do with the earth and the systems it’s invented, money. No counting on bank accounts and checks coming in to feel like “you made it” or are important. All of that is weak.. chump change compared to the fulfilling assignment. The one praying hard, realizes his future role.. which brings a freedom from the current trap that brings frustration and limitations. Lead singer of OneRepublic, Ryan Tedder, was brought up in a charismatic church.. and no doubt the video for Counting Stars with the healing/preacher church meeting above the band practicing on the first floor is a picture with not only what he grew up with, but the content of the lyrics. He probably saw the church and Christian music industry running after money and lived more for money than for what He was reading in the Bible.. seems like Ryan chose to rebel against that church culture and do what Jesus told him to do as he saw in Scripture.

I see this life like a swinging vine
Swing my heart across the line

This life is full of contrasts and struggles with boundaries, crossing the line.. getting involved, getting dirty the way Jesus did. Artists seem to be able to do this more easily.

And in my face is flashing signs
Seek it out and ye shall find

Maybe a Scripture that has stuck with Tedder over the years… in King James language and a reference to Matthew 7:7, Jesus said, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you”. This can be taken personal or general.. if personal.. it seems God was leading Tedder to launch out and cross boundaries the church wasn’t willing to do and clear signs were in his face all along. After all.. he was told by the church Jesus’ words to “seek it out” and this is where it’s led him.

Old, but I’m not that old
Young, but I’m not that bold
I don’t think the world is sold
I’m just doing what we’re told

Ryan Tedder was 34 when this came out. I see Ryan’s rebellious spirit here against religion and legalistic churchy limitations. The lines with old and young.. seem to be what other people have said about him in the church as Tedder hasn’t followed the typical Christian industry boundaries. People might have said.. yeah he’s older than a kid but not being wise.. he’s young and connects with the kids but he’s not bold enough. Ryan’s view is that he’s just doing what Jesus told him to do.. not what the church told him to do. He doesn’t agree with what the church calls ‘the world’ and that you have to run from all evil. Jesus ate with sinners and tax collectors.. Ryan seems to be following the boundaries of love that Jesus had rather than the legalistic church’s approach.

I feel something so right
Doing the wrong thing
I feel something so wrong
Doing the right thing
I could lie, couldn’t I, could lie
Everything that kills me makes me feel alive

Something so right is to cross cultural boundaries for the sake of Jesus’ love and His calling on your life..  that maybe the church has put a lid on. Not outright sin.. getting polluted and wild sex but breaking church boundaries.

I feel the love
And I feel it burn

Down this river every turn
Hope is our four letter word

Make that money, watch it burn
Sink in the river, the lessons I learned


First Time

[NickdoG, first time performing his new single, “First Time”. Release date 9/22/14. Free dowload today, 9/19/14… for those that sign up on his mailing list at or those that share the ‘new single’ image from his Facebook.]

NickdoG’s new single isn’t the first time an artist has his homage to his first time… as that’s been done, but this first time.. is an experience in the daylight and enlightenment, rather than what’s done under the covers or in achievement. First time experiences go into our long term data bank. First is powerful, first goes a long way, first stays a long time. That first time experience creates a pattern our brain will write, I call it ‘pave some road to travel’, which makes it easier to do the second time around. Kids that enter sexuality too soon… either by choice or not by choice.. have that jaded experience and many times.. getting where they want/need to be.. mentally.. can be hindered. In this song, Nick explores new musical boundaries in pop music and leads us to.. ‘chill at the beach on a Saturday’ mode. A different scene than on his previous release, Under The Cloud, that took us down dark alleys, running on dirt roads and crusin’ the city boulevard. Lyrical context on ‘First Time’.. Nick simply shares a contentment that comes from hope in a different love experience…  thinking, taking the shades off..  watching the sunset over the ocean.

Childhood memories.. first guitar, first punch in the eye, first experiences through teen years… you often hear adults talk about the “good ole days”, because it’s something they remember more and relive in thought.. and sometimes even more than the present. Which is why trying things out that aren’t good for us, just because we’re curious about it, isn’t always the best idea. They can stick. For some, it’s inevitable and those landmines often leave long term damage or one stuck in the mud… but like NickdoG says, First time in my lifetime, the light shining brighter than the nighttime, something like an epiphany”. He’s realizing this daytime FIRST, greater than the night time firsts have a different kind of hang over…  “Think I finally get it yeah for the first, time in my lifetime, might just be in my right mind”. Reality living.. much different than habitual patterns of escape and playing the victim… or a greater love experience than one achievable in the 2 dimensional world. “You said You love me even at my worst, think I finally get it yeah for the first… Who You are revealed to me, Your love, all I ever really needed, I believe now I see it”.  The love of God has changed so many people throughout history.. from Elvis to Abraham Lincoln to Tookie Williams.. the thousands upon thousands of lives changed. Is the love of God just a crutch for the weak.. a made up story to make us all feel better?

So the question comes, “If this Jesus love and forgiveness doesn’t go into the addiction mode, become the new pattern of my life and always be first for me.. is this Jesus love that strong or worth anything… If I’m struggling keeping Jesus first.. is His love real then?”? Many would say.. love is a choice and not a feeling. You just have to make a choice to love God more….  man, way to put the pressure on and leave people feeling guilty for struggling. I kind of agree with that but kind of don’t. I mean yes.. we choose our affections and it’s not always a fluffy emotional feeling.. but then.. feelings are involved as well. It’s just a spiritual struggle. There’s real temptations and imitations out there that appear better than the real thing. There’s a devil alive at work. There’s so many substitute products out there on the market.. that appear better than the real thing. The truth is.. God’s love and forgiveness is the spring of life. The source of true peace and freedom. But His love and forgiveness leads us down a road of humility and self denial.. while on the road.. there are easier paths and things offered that make me feel better temporarily for the moment. The real problem is that Jesus’ love is really real and sometimes we don’t want to deal with real. As Tom Cruise said, “You can’t handle the truth”! But man.. once we just let the Lord flush us out. Let go of controlling our problems with pride, receiving forgiveness and learn to receive His love.. we begin to love others like Jesus loves us. This is it. Way more important than what we can do for God. In Jesus’ letter to the Ephesus church in Revelation 2.. they were busy, working hard, discerning.. but lacking God’s love. You have to receive His love before you can share it. This might be our hang up as well. Go back.. remember from where you have fallen, look at the cross, have a change of mind and do the things you did when you first loved Jesus and we can return to the place of being an encourager to others.. being a light to others. Our brain patterns can change and Jesus’ love can hi-jack the flow. Open up and receive more forgiveness, more grace and more of His love. Love isn’t a chore.. but love involves risk, being vulnerable and being real. I’m ok with my struggle being that..  “I can’t sleep, no, there’s too much going inside my head”… to get to a place where, “I finally understand just what You said”.


Track 6 “Tragedy”: Lost and Found Compilation CD

Track 6: “Tragedy” by Sentry.


A raw, passionate and collaborative work from this duo, Sentry. A collision of two friends, Andrew Enos and Michael Landingham, form a brotherhood that pushes the boundaries and shapes new sounds and pulls from different roots. I envision a video of this song with Andrew and Michael getting in a barrel race rolling down a grassy hill with a few jumps that would launch them in slow mo like Adam Ant’s iconic slow mo repetitive jump over the bed in early MTV’s video “Goodie Two Shoes”. The first day we got the Lost and Found CD’s back from printing, NickdoG had Tragedy on repeat all day and mentioned it pressed his Social Distortion and the Smiths buttons. The combination of Enos and Landingham’s tenacious vocals might have you think it’s a sing off between Josh Garrels and Alex Clare.

My mama always said hold your head up high

Don’t let this life bring you down

Don’t let it make you cry

Don’t let it make you frown

Just hold your head up high

Turn it upside down

Listening to your mama doesn’t make you a milksop… if Lenny Kravitz can sing ‘my mama said’, then Sentry. is in good company. Tragedies that some people don’t recover from like death of a loved one, break ups, losing money, cancer, church politics, misunderstandings and rejections are some land mines we all have stepped on that blow up and make a big mess. Everyone faces these experiences that this life will bring, some more than others but we can’t focus on that. It will either destroy you with disappointment from expectations you may have in life that may never come. Then comes the escape routes and self medication process to cover the pain. A band aid will never fix a broken arm. If you are holding your head up high… you’ve got your head in another place. You’re thinking higher thoughts, you’re thinking what God is thinking. You’re not looking at this world for your identity, value and worth. You’ve got to look outside of this world for that. It’s an upside philosophy that contradicts everything we see going on in this life of putting others down to make ourselves feel better or always blaming others to play the victim. Tragedy can crush you or get you to shed some skin that’s dying anyway… just let it roll. You’ve got to stand sentry or stand guard over your mind so you don’t get hi-jacked to a death train of thoughts that are a cycle. Zoom back to get a bigger view. The big picture is that this is all a temporary arrangement for a Kingdom to come that operates on a different wave length… so mine as well start now.

“Tragedy” – video

here’s the youtube link to listen to the the entire Lost & Found CD with other artists: NickdoG, the Divide, the Altar Billies, Savannah Moon, Henry Martyn Band, Roxie Jane, Steven Wesley Guiles and Robert Easley.

Sentry. plays locally in Yucaipa, California and around SoCal. The boys have got the goods and recently released an EP called the Wayfarer’, (listen here on Google play). When you search for them make sure you add the period after the name or other bands may pop up.

Media Heroin

“They say the sun is sometimes eclipsed by a moon
You know I don’t see you when she walks in the room”

(lyrics from ‘the Fly’ by U2 from Achtung Baby in Nov. 1991)


It’s been over 20 years of Achtung Baby from U2. I was living in San Jose at the time anxiously awaiting the new U2 release after being a bit disappointed with a few years of no new U2 material. Getting the CD still had some of the same excitement of a new vinyl.. not really… but I pretended. The sound was amazing..  dahhh dun dunt…  dahhh dun dunt… boom boom chint..  boom boom chint…  I’m ready… unlike any other U2 record once again. Lyrically.. I knew there were deep concepts leaking out.. but I wasn’t really in a place to comprehend what was being said and digest all the implications. As many have with Bono’s lyrics.. I’ve found such an amazing commentary of life. It always seems artists are seeing the future and a bit ahead of the class. I don’t know exactly what Bono would be referring to as.. “You know I don’t see you when she walks in the room”… but I would have to imagine he would be referring to a culture stuck in media gluttony.. information overload… technological advancements that hi-jack our vision (hence the fly shades). I remember going to the Zoo Tour at Anaheim Stadium in November of ’92.. the screens flashing with images and messages so fast you couldn’t read them all but surprised myself by how many I did.


In October of 2013, I’ve got information overload syndrome (IOS). Access to too much information to process that seems to hi-jack my time and sometimes days. My creative thinking gets hi-jacked by speaking through videos on youtube rather than saying or writing it. When it’s so well communicated through a video like this…

why should I take the time to put it in words when I can just say.. dude.. check this out.. totally. That’s tough to compete with. I’m in fear of living in such a strong media blasted culture.. that I won’t develop into all that I could be. Advancing in language.. writing…  thinking. 20 years ago TV watching hi-jacked our culture… now that seems too boring.. something much stronger has been injected into the air. I call it media heroin. It goes to a part of my brain that no other drug does and demands more.

When I was 15… I never… I never would have imagined that I could have my whole music collection in the palm of my hand when I would spend hours upon hours recording my vinyl to cassettes so I can listen to them on the go in my LASONIC, 100 watt Ghetto Blaster.. that took 10 D batteries. This kid on youtube was me in the 80’s…

but I was a bit cooler than that… I had ripped bleached jeans, sometimes barefoot and had a live bootleg recording of Van Halen cranking.

Searching a bit about information overload.. I found cases of death by video game. Heart attack, dehydration.. baby neglected that led to death. I personally never got passed Atari.. but I get how this stuff happens. Like what the heck is this kid talking about… having some video game poltergeist experience?? really??

what the heck? Is this stuff real… it is! At least the hi-jacking of a culture and generation.  I like Cam Adair’s testimony shared at TED… we’re looking for escape…

Sending kids to a boot camp for digital dependency… what the heck?  yep..

I don’t want to get stuck in a cell phone addiction, facebook addiction… because there’s other things I want to see… namely ‘God’… the sun. I want to see the world through the eyes of love. I want to see my kids grow up. I want to be able to read books. I want to be able to have the patience to learn new things and push through the difficulties that come through that process to reach something more beautiful. As addictive as this media barrage is.. and it is as strong as heroin…. I know something stronger…  I got to get outside..

Strong  by Jon Foreman

Heavenly Father, you always amaze me
Let your kingdom come in my world and in my life
Give me the food I need to live through today
And forgive me as I forgive the people that wrong me
Lead me far from temptation
Deliver me from the evil one I look out the window the birds are composing
Not a note is out of tune or out of place
I walk to the meadow and stare at the flowers
Better dressed than any girl on her wedding day So why do I worry?
Why do I freak out?
God knows what I need
You know what I need Your love is
Your love is
Your love is strong The kingdom of the heavens is now advancing
Invade my heart, invade this broken town
The kingdom of the Heavens is buried treasure
Would you sell yourself to buy the one you’ve found? Two things you told me
That you are strong
And you love me
Yes, you love me Your love is
Your love is
Your love is strong Our God in Heaven
Hallowed be thy name
Above all names
Your kingdom come
Your will be done
On earth as it is in heaven
Give us today our daily bread
Forgive us weary sinners
Keep us far away from our vices
And deliver us from these prisons

Track 5 “Not My Own”: Lost & Found Compilation CD

Track 5: “Not My Own” by Henry Martyn Band


A 4 piece Latin Rock band that gets their name from an obscure 19th century missionary for the Christian faith certainly isn’t interested in making a name for themselves. Martyn, who lived in India in the early 1800’s, translated the New Testament in many different languages was quoted at saying, “Let me burn out for God”. Mario Sanchez, lead singer of the band, in the 21st century.. seems to be following those words. Each member of the band is heavily involved with their church..  worship band.. Mario has traveled to Mexico, Russia and India with the bridge of music.. transcending cultures..  communicating a message of hope wherever they go… and they are willing to go, go, go.

I’ve known Mario for over 10 years and promoted multiple shows with Henry Martyn band.. they are our local warriors here in the I.E… that hasn’t gone unnoticed.. they played at Los Primos Arpa in Mexico City and were recognized as Top Independent Band for 2012. Mario just always says.. “Yeah… whatever you need us to do”… and they rock. When we were putting together a list of bands we wanted for this compilation CD.. these guys quickly came to mind.. Martyn Band knows how to rock the party with music.. choice words to say and an attitude of.. ‘I’m here with ya.. going through it too.’


Recently things have turned around for Mario. I saw a post on his facebook, followed by a text from him.. that he was recently diagnosed with cancer and won’t be able to play at the Lost & Found Festival, he’s going to be starting chemo treatments.. actually started today… and was expressing apologies for letting me down… I was like.. dude.. you have cancer… you’re not letting anyone down.. it’s time for you to be the recipient and not the giver. That can be tough for someone who’s always thinking of others and gives, gives and then gives.. it’s like you don’t have to say anything.. just rest and focus on yourself.. you don’t have to say anything..


Mario is married and has 2 kids.. leader of a band.. leader at his church.. full-time job as a social worker.. how does a guy like that focus on himself. We’ve all heard on the airplane ride.. as the adult next to a child.. put the oxygen mask on yourself first then the kid. As funny as it may sound.. a tough thing for many of us to go through and learn.. is to receive. As a believer in Jesus.. this is the picture.. there’s nothing I can do to earn God’s grace.. and as Mario sings in ‘Not My Own’.. “but for You I owe each day I live”.. and this is true.. and that’s what I love about Mario… he’s humble and grateful for God’s hand of provision and saving grace… and I’m sure God has more grace to give to Mario as he goes through this painful process. Keep our brother in prayer in the months to come! We love you Mario!!

Leave your comments and support on Henry Martyn’s facebook..


Henry Martyn Band will not be performing at the Lost & Found Festival 2013 on Sept 14 due to Mario’s chemo treatments. Please keep them in prayer and we hope to host a concert with the guys after recovery.. we’ll keep you posted!

Track 4 “Wild and Wandering”: Lost & Found Compilation CD

Track 4: “Wild and Wandering” by Savannah Moon

Savannah Moon

Download from Noisetrade

Have you ever gotten the feeling after meeting someone or an experience… that this is the beginning of something great.. this is the moment we’ll look back on and say.. “yeah that’s when it started”. If the future of the world needs a big kiss..  Savannah Moon’s music may be more than a peck on the cheek. Her debut album, “My Defense”, released last month.. August of 2013..  available everywhere on the internet and hard copies at live shows and through her website..  capsulates the struggles.. sorting out.. ponderings of the deep meaningful things of life through a young persons mind. The curious mind of the young in heart..  searching out and exploring.. meaning, reason.. why do I act this way.. why does God do the things He does. Moon’s lyrics in a sense leave you at the dock of bay.. looking towards the sound.. wanting past the wishing.. and not pretending to be done.

Funny how hope can bring us sorrow
funny there’s still doubt when we have it
funny we only give it reign when we are sure we cannot grasp it
but hope can stir us toward redemption 
and grace allows us to enter in
with love enough to fill every ocean still we feel we are the exemption

Living in L.A., more than familiar with the entertainment world.. Savannah sings of grace, redemption, salvation with wisdom beyond her years.. she hasn’t gotten stuck gasping at the red carpet or the sidewalk stars. “My Defense” stares at the sun after looking in the mirror and is one of those collections of songs and recordings that you can listen to.. 10-20 years from now and it would have relevancy and hold up musically. Being from a musical family with projects of their own.. she’s had large boundaries to wander in..


Wild and Wandering fits the Lost & Found Compilation for many different reasons.. 1, she’s a great artist that isn’t going away.. you will hear more from her. 2.. her writing.. recording is exceptional.. 3.. she writes of hope she’s found in deep waters..

You calm me when I’m wild
You find me when I’m lost and wandering
You embrace every part of me
that seems to be so incomplete and defiled

NickdoG and I had a meeting with Savannah about joining the Reality Rock family.. currently we represent and support Nick’s music, the Divide and also Savannah.. before this recording we just had the attitude of.. ‘we believe in you as an artist and want to be apart of the support team’. Reality Rock, in it’s reinvented stage.. is a family of musicians, artists, organizers and volunteers that support each other and collaborate in the advancement of reality rock music (not limited in definition to our own organization). We are proud to have Savannah in the mix and look forward to future music!

“I Am Found” by Savannah Moon video

Moon CD Release Party

Savannah Moon will be playing live at Reality Rock’s Lost & Found Music & Art Festival 2013 on Sept. 14th at Fleming Park in Colton at 5:10pm.. don’t miss her. Pick up a copy of the Lost & Found CD at the Reality Rock merch table with ‘Wild & Wandering’ on it as track #4.

Track 3 “You Found Me”: Lost & Found Compilation CD

Track 3: “You Found Me” by The Altar Billies


The Altar Billies (l to r) Chuck “Wagon” Cummings (drums), Michael W. Stand (vocals/guitar) and Johnny X (bass)

Here’s the song as it appears on ‘Punk Never Dies Vol. 2’

Not too many people have the longevity like Mike Stand, singer of the Altar Billies. I’ve known Mike for over 25 years… he rocked with the Altar Boys (80’s to early 90’s).. jammed with Clash of Symbols (mid 90’s).. and expressed himself with 3 incredible solo records, “Do I Stand Alone” 1988, “Simple Expression” 1990..  and “Full Circle” 2002. Mike Stand is nothing short of legendary and undeniably rides this train from a fallen world into forever mercy.

Mike just does what he does..  and whatever happens..  happens..  and many times… great things happen. If he wants to go rockabilly… he’s all in. You gotta give him props for the different styles of guitar work he’s explored and killing it in… love it! Not a compromiser when it comes to wanting to stay true to what’s true.. true to how the song should go down but yet walking in the footsteps of love. It’s often that musical expressions can get hi-jacked by producers, record companies, A&R guys.. and it no longer becomes an expression of the artist… it becomes a product to sell to a marketable audience. As that still goes on.. there’s no denying what’s going on outside of that environment.. as there is a rising generation that are turned off by that environment. There’s good to that.. that we’re hearing a more genuine sound than an over produced one.. but the down side is.. being able to find this kind of stuff in the massive ocean of the internet. I hope you find Reality Rock to be a tide pool and see every song to be a gem as we do.. and pray the rising tide would flood over the dams and create new channels for reality rock music to flow. Music from the heart and not for the bank.. that asks the right questions.. that reveals the heart of man.. and music that sings of the amazing grace.. being able to see.

Reality Rock was the promoter of the ‘Rock of Love’ concerts in Redlands, California from 1985-1993. The Altar Boys headlined Rock of Love 1988 & 1989 at the Redlands Bowl to thousands of kids from the Inland Empire.


A time when the only way to hear new music and the bands you liked were through the radio or MTV. Reality Rock had a weekly 2hr. radio show on 89.1fm (Redlands, CA) & 90.1fm (Yucaipa, CA). Myself and John Smeby were the DJ’s.. playing vinyl at first and we made the switch to CD’s.. which sometimes messed us up.. hitting stop on the wrong CD player.. the one playing live on air. A highlight for the show.. was to have live interviews and acoustic songs with the bands. Bands weren’t so accessible in these days.. and there were literally thousands of kids stuck by the radio hanging on to every word these guys were saying. Our phone volunteer team would often be talking kids off a ledge.. and I always appreciated Mike’s message through his music.. a message of hope in a very unsettling world…

Thought that I was a goner
Everyone had written my life off
Dreamed about better days
And hoped that I could make it happen somehow
Someone please help me
I’m dying from the inside out
Come to find out God loves me
Come to find out I was not alone

This was church for tons of kids and it was amazing to be apart of that unique era from a Southern California view as it was broadcasted out. Times change.. seasons change.. a plethora of bands emerged and a Christian Music Industry exploded. There was a migration of SoCal bands and artists that we worked with that went Nashville in the early 90’s. The guys from Guardian, the Choir, Uthanda, the Allies…. Brandon Ebel was working at Frontline Records in the OC and he moved up to Seattle and started up Tooth N Nail and things just went crazy. I dropped out of the scene and got involved in youth ministry at church, which I’m still doing.

Today in 2013 a tide of new artists and bands emerge in SoCal… and that’s what this Lost & Found CD represents.. and it’s just so killer to have The Altar Billies on here. Mike and company are still standin’ and delivering skilled art for the ears to feast on. I could go off on his drummer Chuck.. go off in the sense of how many bands he’s played in over the years.. the one’s I know of.. Common Bond, LSU, Dakoda Motor Company, Uthanda… that may be a few. All I can say is.. that guy must have a lot of patience and knows how to get along with people.

I love what The Altar Billies are doing.. just playing, playing, playing.. OC County Fair, the front yard, NAMM.. it’s what they do and who they are. Not selling out.. not that the others did.. well maybe a few.. but..  “You Found Me” has been an anthem song of true punk rock for years. The 4 versions I know of.. first one on the original Altar Boys album (1984).. then on GLM (1986).. MXPX covered it (1995).. and now The Altar Billies version (2013). Riding the steam train guitar work by Michael W on this version..  as it was recently released on Punk Never Dies vol. 2 by Indie Vision Music and also lands on Reality Rock’s Lost & Found CD.. a piece of history!

The Altar Billies will be playing at Reality Rock’s Lost & Found Music & Art Festival 2013 at Fleming Park in Colton on Sat., September 14th at 4:30pm.. don’t miss them. Also this Lost & Found CD will be available at the Reality Rock merch table.. make sure to pick up a copy!!

Altar Boys “You Found Me” (from GLM)

MXPX’s Version of “You Found Me”