Track 4 “Wild and Wandering”: Lost & Found Compilation CD

Track 4: “Wild and Wandering” by Savannah Moon

Savannah Moon

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Have you ever gotten the feeling after meeting someone or an experience… that this is the beginning of something great.. this is the moment we’ll look back on and say.. “yeah that’s when it started”. If the future of the world needs a big kiss..  Savannah Moon’s music may be more than a peck on the cheek. Her debut album, “My Defense”, released last month.. August of 2013..  available everywhere on the internet and hard copies at live shows and through her website..  capsulates the struggles.. sorting out.. ponderings of the deep meaningful things of life through a young persons mind. The curious mind of the young in heart..  searching out and exploring.. meaning, reason.. why do I act this way.. why does God do the things He does. Moon’s lyrics in a sense leave you at the dock of bay.. looking towards the sound.. wanting past the wishing.. and not pretending to be done.

Funny how hope can bring us sorrow
funny there’s still doubt when we have it
funny we only give it reign when we are sure we cannot grasp it
but hope can stir us toward redemption 
and grace allows us to enter in
with love enough to fill every ocean still we feel we are the exemption

Living in L.A., more than familiar with the entertainment world.. Savannah sings of grace, redemption, salvation with wisdom beyond her years.. she hasn’t gotten stuck gasping at the red carpet or the sidewalk stars. “My Defense” stares at the sun after looking in the mirror and is one of those collections of songs and recordings that you can listen to.. 10-20 years from now and it would have relevancy and hold up musically. Being from a musical family with projects of their own.. she’s had large boundaries to wander in..


Wild and Wandering fits the Lost & Found Compilation for many different reasons.. 1, she’s a great artist that isn’t going away.. you will hear more from her. 2.. her writing.. recording is exceptional.. 3.. she writes of hope she’s found in deep waters..

You calm me when I’m wild
You find me when I’m lost and wandering
You embrace every part of me
that seems to be so incomplete and defiled

NickdoG and I had a meeting with Savannah about joining the Reality Rock family.. currently we represent and support Nick’s music, the Divide and also Savannah.. before this recording we just had the attitude of.. ‘we believe in you as an artist and want to be apart of the support team’. Reality Rock, in it’s reinvented stage.. is a family of musicians, artists, organizers and volunteers that support each other and collaborate in the advancement of reality rock music (not limited in definition to our own organization). We are proud to have Savannah in the mix and look forward to future music!

“I Am Found” by Savannah Moon video

Moon CD Release Party

Savannah Moon will be playing live at Reality Rock’s Lost & Found Music & Art Festival 2013 on Sept. 14th at Fleming Park in Colton at 5:10pm.. don’t miss her. Pick up a copy of the Lost & Found CD at the Reality Rock merch table with ‘Wild & Wandering’ on it as track #4.

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