Track 5 “Not My Own”: Lost & Found Compilation CD

Track 5: “Not My Own” by Henry Martyn Band


A 4 piece Latin Rock band that gets their name from an obscure 19th century missionary for the Christian faith certainly isn’t interested in making a name for themselves. Martyn, who lived in India in the early 1800’s, translated the New Testament in many different languages was quoted at saying, “Let me burn out for God”. Mario Sanchez, lead singer of the band, in the 21st century.. seems to be following those words. Each member of the band is heavily involved with their church..  worship band.. Mario has traveled to Mexico, Russia and India with the bridge of music.. transcending cultures..  communicating a message of hope wherever they go… and they are willing to go, go, go.

I’ve known Mario for over 10 years and promoted multiple shows with Henry Martyn band.. they are our local warriors here in the I.E… that hasn’t gone unnoticed.. they played at Los Primos Arpa in Mexico City and were recognized as Top Independent Band for 2012. Mario just always says.. “Yeah… whatever you need us to do”… and they rock. When we were putting together a list of bands we wanted for this compilation CD.. these guys quickly came to mind.. Martyn Band knows how to rock the party with music.. choice words to say and an attitude of.. ‘I’m here with ya.. going through it too.’


Recently things have turned around for Mario. I saw a post on his facebook, followed by a text from him.. that he was recently diagnosed with cancer and won’t be able to play at the Lost & Found Festival, he’s going to be starting chemo treatments.. actually started today… and was expressing apologies for letting me down… I was like.. dude.. you have cancer… you’re not letting anyone down.. it’s time for you to be the recipient and not the giver. That can be tough for someone who’s always thinking of others and gives, gives and then gives.. it’s like you don’t have to say anything.. just rest and focus on yourself.. you don’t have to say anything..


Mario is married and has 2 kids.. leader of a band.. leader at his church.. full-time job as a social worker.. how does a guy like that focus on himself. We’ve all heard on the airplane ride.. as the adult next to a child.. put the oxygen mask on yourself first then the kid. As funny as it may sound.. a tough thing for many of us to go through and learn.. is to receive. As a believer in Jesus.. this is the picture.. there’s nothing I can do to earn God’s grace.. and as Mario sings in ‘Not My Own’.. “but for You I owe each day I live”.. and this is true.. and that’s what I love about Mario… he’s humble and grateful for God’s hand of provision and saving grace… and I’m sure God has more grace to give to Mario as he goes through this painful process. Keep our brother in prayer in the months to come! We love you Mario!!

Leave your comments and support on Henry Martyn’s facebook..


Henry Martyn Band will not be performing at the Lost & Found Festival 2013 on Sept 14 due to Mario’s chemo treatments. Please keep them in prayer and we hope to host a concert with the guys after recovery.. we’ll keep you posted!


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