“Don’t want the usual merchandise, recycled in a new disguise.”77’s

Jason Dean was a radio DJ on 89.1FM KUOR & 90.1 KLRD during the subculture movement in SoCal of Christian Rock in the 80’s & early 90’s.. spinning on radio waves with vinyl the Altar Boys, Undercover, the Lifesavors, the Choir, U2, Stryper and too many other to mention. The live 2 hour weekly show was the only place listeners could here new music from this movement, artist interviews and in the studio acoustic songs. This subculture finally went mainstream as it moved to Nashville in the 90’s and somethings got broken and lost in the move. Reality Rock has risen from the ashes in 2013 (20 years after the ‘Third Wave’ Compilation CD was released on Essential Records) through the vast desert, looking for something more real than what’s on the current rotation list and seeking to put some of those lost pieces back into the mix. Being real about life, the world, God and the truth. That process is a little messier than what we’re comfortable with and doesn’t always fit in the box. New artists with simple expressions have no outlet for the current stream without having to conform into something that isn’t real. Reality Rock is a collaboration of music people that want something more that goes against the grain… namely, gut level music. We don’t have it all together but have the right vision.


RealityRock_Founders (1 of 1)

(new Reality Rock crew, circa 2013) l to r Jason Dean, Josh Holley & Nick Ondatje


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